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Complete vine tomato processing system

Boix box erecting machine | TAKS TTS system | Sorma palletizing system

Product type:
Vine tomato processing machines
Processing Machines
Product number


Total width system:
11.600 mm
Total length system:
27.000 mm
i Boix box erecting machine

Operating hours: 4513 hours
Capacity: 900-1.400 trays per hour
Length: 5200 mm
Width: 1400 mm
Length outfeed unit: 2600 mm
Suitable for: Tomato boxes
Planofeeder year of construction: 2011
Panofeeder dimensions: 880x2340x2430 mm (LxWxH)
Length roller conveyor belt stack/outfeed unit: 9900 mm

Boix box erecting machine:
incl. stacking/output unit and Planofeeder
Complete Taks TTS vine tomato processing system:
Incl.: puller | unloading crane | 3 weighing positions | coding unit
i Sorma palletizing system

Type: TTS 8213
Pull-through puller with pusher and release tap: Unit dimensions: 3650x3500x3000mm (LxWxH)
Year of construction: 2003
Supply belt for weighing positions: Length: 6200mm | Width: 400mm
Tension: 380 V - 16 A - 50 Hz
3 weighing positions: incl. digital scale
Discharge belt: Length: 8500mm | Width: 600mm
Coding unit: Kortho Codingunit X18

Sorma palletizing system:
Incl.: stacker | strapping machine | corner slats | pallet bunker