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Several sliding doors

All sizes available

Product type:
Sliding doors


Roller systems:
We have doors in stock with top and bottom rolling system.
Aluminum / Plexiglass / Plastic
See the list below to see our available sizes

Productnumber: (WxH cm)
SCD.00012: 120x220 (3 pieces)
SCD.00013: 120x 240 
SCD.00014: 120x220
SCD.00015: 110x240 
SCD.00016: 120x250
SCD.00017: 120x230
SCD.00018: 125x235
SCD.00019: 125x239
SCD.00020: 198x261 (incl plexiglass)
SCD.00021: 120x240
SCD.00022: 120x240
SCD.00023: 120x284
SCD.00024: 150x260
SCD.00025: 200x208 (2 pieces)
SCD.00026: 200x248 (2 pieces)
SCD.00027: 165x302
SCD.00028: 140x277
SCD.00029: 140x300
SCD.00030: 160x322
SCD.00031: 200x240
SCD.00032: 250x268
SCD.00033: 194x337
SCD.00034: 250x262
SCD.00035: 207x306
SCD.00036: 200x297 (2 pieces) (available in set)
SCD.00037: 200x320 (2 pieces) (available in set)
SCD.00038: 194x320 
SCD.00039: 265x299 (2 pieces) (available in set)
SCD.00040: 280x310
SCD.00041: 250x350
SCD.00042: 250x313
SCD.00043: 320x250
SCD.00044: 343x297
SCD.00045: 250x248
SCD.00046: 174x253
SCD.00047: 277x302
SCD.00048: 272x290
SCD.00050: 350x300
SCD.00051: 282x270
SCD.00052: 300x300
SCD.00053: 320x333
SCD.00054: 300x300
SCD.00055: 300x302
SCD.00056: 300x302
SCD.00057: 300x302
SCD.00058: 295x304 (2 pieces)
SCD.00059: 287x303
SCD.00060: 295x303
SCD.00061: 416x368
SCD.00062: 430x368
SCD.00063: 429x366 (2 pieces)
SCD.00064: 300x302
SCD.00065: 240x302
SCD.00066: 279x310 (incl. Plexiglass)
SCD.00067: 280x298
SCD.00068: 200x398 (2 pieces)
SCD.00069: 300x352
SCD.00070: 400x352
SCD.00071: 300x400
SCD.00072: 204x452 (6 pieces)