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Complete turn-key Venlo greenhouse 38.103 m²

Suitable for the cultivation of potted plants

Used greenhouses
Product type:
Turn-key greenhouses


Venlo greenhouse 33,150 m²:
Trellis: 12.00m | Section size: 4.50/5.00m | Postheight: 5.00m | Aluminum gutter
Processing space 4.953 m²:
Trellis: 12.80m | Secion size: 4.50m | Postheight: 5.50m
Screen installation
i Lighting installation

Including: C-profile 45x45mm 7,500 m

Lighting installation:
HS2000 600W/400V ±1,833 pieces | HSE 1000W/400V ±1,300 pcs
i Automatic mobile container system

ncluding: - Complete substructure: supports, rail tubes and girders.
- Container tracks, work positions, pushers, pick-up and flail tracks
- Overhead crane, overhead stacker, 2 pcs. facade train + 1 pc. path train in the middle incl. rails and portals.
- Concrete walking tiles 60 x 40
- Compressor

Automatic mobile container system:
Aluminum roll containers 5,700x1720mm | Mesh bottom | ±3,100 pieces
i WPS system

- Buffer systems in processing area (3,340 m²)
- Buffer system in the greenhouse under the roll containers (612m²)
- Stick stabbing station and camera sorter
- 2nd cultivation layer

WPS system:
Delivery, sorting and buffer system | 3950 m² buffer belt
Javo potting machine | box tipper | drop robot | label printer
i Heating installation

ø51 mm heating pipes; 28,440m
ø57 mm heating pipes; 7,331m
ø63 mm heating pipes; 8,300m

Heating installation:
Ø 51, 57, 63 mm heating pipes | Main and distribution pipes.
i Water technical installations

- Rain pipe incl. main and semi-main pipes.
- Priva vialux drain water disinfectant
- Osmosis installation complete incl. accessories.
- Enthoven dosing unit incl. vessels, filters and pumps
- Cloth filter incl. accessories
- Water silo

Water technical installations:
Rain pipe | Complete water technical room
i Fog installation

+ 18 pieces mist fans

Fog installation:
Vifra fog system | 3,233 m tube spray tube | incl. 2 pump units
Cooling installation:
Carrier Cooling installation incl. 6 pieces Goedhart cooling units
60 stuks
Automatic monorail spray boom incl. mother carriages
Speed ​​roller doors | Propositions | roller conveyors | Monrail carts | Control cabinets

Available to view until june 2023

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